Thursday, September 28, 2006

August 2006 - London, England - The Parks

After returning from our wild weekend, we mustered up the energy to stroll through several parks in London. On our way to the parks we stopped in front of Buckingham Palace (it was the first time Casandra saw the Palace).
After strolling past Buckingham Palace we entered St. James Park. St. James has a great lawn where Londoners lounge, perfectly manicured gardens and a beautiful pond with swans and all kinds of ducks.

That, of course, is Big Ben in the distance.

And, in the distant right (above), is the controversial "London Eye" - a gargantuan ferris wheel from which you can enjoy some of the best views of London. And (below) Big Ben again.

We exited St. James Park and passed in front of Buckingham once again before entering Green Park.We then continued to St. Regents' Park for an outdoor performance of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
This is an amazing outdoor setting for a wonderful light-hearted play that takes place in a magical forest.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

August 2006 - Tallinn, Estonia - Meet The Stags

The Man . . .

. . . The Myth . . .

. . . The Legend.

The Brother (the dance inspiration).

The Cousin . . . Dr. Evil.

The Best Man (perhaps a bit overheated).

The Childhood Friend turned Billionaire.

The Astrologer.

The Organizer.

The DJ.

The Shape Thrower.

The Giant.

and The Preacher.


August 2006 - Tallinn, Estonia - Amit's Stag Do

The Child Prodigy.

The Man . . . a week before getting married.

The Plane Ride.

The Limo.

The Brother . . . so cool . . . a role model perhaps . . .

. . . or maybe not. On his back, of course, is The Cousin, Rajesh Nayak, owner of The Pool ( at 104-108 Curtain Road, Shoreditch EC2, cell phone: 44 797 128 7730, favorite color: lavender, star sign: Acquarius.

The Best Man . . . a true ladies man.

The Pre-Party (Stags ramdomly pointing to the sky).

The City . . .

Tallinn . . . a pristine, unspoiled setting for the impending debauchery.

No, not the Reservoir Dogs, but the Stags strutting across Tallinn's main square.

The Vodka (and the rather talented waitress who poured it).

The Stripper . . .

The Awards Ceremony.

The Duel.

The Bar.

The Stags holding hands on the bar's makeshift dance floor . . . not a woman in sight.

The Club . . . a sea of beautiful people (and Raj).

The Man Love . . .

. . . a downright . . .

disgusting display.


August 2006 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Girls' Weekend

April, Erika, Jenny and I took Amsterdam by storm. In the process, we did some serious girl-bonding. Thank you ladies for a wonderful weekend.

We started our weekend with cocktails and a fabulous dinner at the G-Spot.

(Look boys, we found it for you!!!!)

After dinner, we headed over to the red-light district.

(Oh Jenny Snow, if Mount Dora could see you now!)

The next morning we set out for a day of art and culture. This is as far as we got before we were distracted by Cannabis College.Cannabis College is not just a cute cafe serving brain-tingling brownies. It is an institution of higher learning with lessons on how to grow cannabis from all over the world.

Well, it wasn't all sex shows and Cannabis College for these ladies. We also ate ALOT of pancakes. Even better than the pancakes was the super sticky and sweet maple syrup in a bucket, better on more than just pankcakes . . . right, April.

Extremely worn out from all that eating, we took a canal tour which cruised by the Rembrandt Museum, the Anne Frank house and some of Amsterdam's most pictaresque neighborhoods.

Other than the G-Spot, our favorite hotspot was Soho - a smokey, loungy gay bar where the boys couldn't stop staring at our outfits.

And, can you blame them?!?!