Thursday, November 02, 2006

September 2006 - Sorrento, Itay

We arrived in Sorrento on a beautiful sunny day. Sorrento is the prime landing spot on the Amalfi Coast for most tourists so we had decided not to spend too much time there. But after a walk around the quaint town and several stops at some spectacular look-out points, we were won over by Sorrento.
Sorrento is built high on the cliffs above the Bay of Napoli. There are spectacular views of the sea from all over the town.

We took a stroll around Sorrento and the many open air shops. Every little winding street seems to have its own specialty. We particularly liked this street which housed several confectionaries. These little candy shops make their own lemon-flavored white chocolate, lemon-sugar covered almonds and lemon cream liqueur. The smell on the entire block is incredible.

As we walked through the streets of Sorrento, we discovered some more cute kitties. Kenny spoils me by pretending to be interested in them and taking some very cute pictures.

This cat is attempting to flee my out-stretched hand and shrill calls, "here kitty kitty kitty . . ."

Our last night on the Amalfi Coast we had dinner at Il Bucco - a very romantic cuisinee restaurant located in a cave.

The food tasted even better than it looked. We loved the presentation and the endless number of courses sent out by the chef.

Dinner at Il Bucco was a wonderful way to end our trip to the Amalfi Coast.
Now we're off to Pompeii for some serious trekking and some amazing ruins. Did you know that almost everything we know about the ancient Roman society was learned from the examination of the ruins of Pompeii???

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