Sunday, February 25, 2007

January 2007 - Bologna, Italy - An Evening Stroll

We love taking walks through Bologna after dinner - the city seems to glow at night.

Here's a view looking up at the Two Towers - the taller Asinelli on the left and Garisenda on the right.
The Asinelli marks the east end of one of Bologna's widest and busiest streets Via Rizzolli.
Here's another shot of the Asinelli Tower from Piazza della Mercanzia, at the east end of the street market area of Bologna where we shop for all of our meats, cheeses and produce, which reaches all the way to Piazza Maggiore. On the right you can see one of the arches of the beautiful gothic Palazzo della Mercanzia, which was built in the late 1300s and rebuilt after it was destroyed in WWII. It's one of our favorite buildings in the city.
Above is the medieval Palazzo di Re Enzo in the middle of Via Rizzoli. Just behind it, facing Piazza Maggiore, is the Palazzo del Podesta and the Arengo Tower.
Here's the statue of Neptune (and his shadow) in Piazza del Nettuno, just west of the Palazzo di Re Enzo. Palazzo Communale in the background.
He's a lot bigger than he appears in this picture. I'm not.
Here's a close-up of Palazzo Communale and it's beautiful portico. Rising above it is the Torre degli Accursi and Rinald Gandolfi's clock.
That's Casandra in the middle of Piazza Maggiore (in the black jacket) with the Basilica di San Petronio behind her, Palazzo dei Banchi with its glowing portico on the left, and the dome of Santa Maria della Vita in the distance above it.
Here's a great shot of San Petronio in all of its unfinished glory.
Here's Casandra, still in the middle of Piazza Maggiore, only rotated so the Renaissance-style Palazzo del Podesta and the medieval Arengo Tower are behind her.
The street at the southeast corner of Piazza Maggiore leads you to the high-end shopping district of Bologna. That's the back of San Petronio in the center. The building on the right is L'Archiginnasio, which was built in 1563 as the new University of Bologna, bringing together the various faculties, which until then had been located in different areas of the city. Today, the portico under it is home to some of the finest shopping in town, including haute couture shops like Fratelli Rosetti and Pollini. We would definitely be returning another day during business hours.

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