Sunday, August 20, 2006

August 2006 - Rome, Italy - Kitties Everywhere

For all the crazy cat ladies in my life . . .

Here are some pictures of kitties all around Rome. As you can see, the city really values its population of feral cats which number as many as 300,000 living in 10,000 colonies.

Here is a kitty in front of Trevi Fountain.

Another kitty in front of Castel St. Angelo and the bridge by the same name.

Kitties are most commonly spotted at the ancient ruins. Here are some that reside at the Colosseum and at the Roman Forum. And below is a kitty at Torre Argentina where Julius Caesar was murdered. These ruins have been converted into a cat sanctuary.

The cats at Torre Argentina are spayed and neutered and cared for by the gattare (crazy cat ladies in Italian).Our favorite kitty of all is the fat cat that lives in the stair well of our building. Everyone feeds her and it shows. She is very friendly and always begging for attention.

Hey, fat girls need lovin' too!!

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