Sunday, August 20, 2006

August 2006 - Rome, Italy - Outdoor Activities

Drinking from public fountains . . .

a Roman past-time and the only way to survive this city in the summer. Apparently there is a natural spring under Rome that provides an endless flow to the countless fountains scattered through out the city. Another popular way to stay out of the heat is to seek refuge under the towering umbrella pines that fill the lush Borghese Gardens. The wealthy Romans, cardinals and popes of the 15th and 16th centuries built their palazzos on the hill that is now Borghese Gardens (named after it's most famous palazzo - Villa Borghese which is now one of the greatest galleries in Europe and one of the first museums in existence). This hill provided cool breezes and relief from the mosquitoes that brought an epidemic of malaria to the lower lying areas of historic Rome.

Villa Borghese contains beautiful Renaissance style gardens featuring classical sculptures from ancient Greek and Roman times.Borghese Gardens is also a wonderful place to have a picnic. All you need is a big blanket, a shady tree, fresh fruit from Campo de' Fiori and homemade philly cheesesteaks (they're italian, right?).

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