Saturday, June 02, 2007

April 2007 - Florence, Italy - Fiesole with April

We took April up to Fiesole (a hilltown about 3o minutes northeast of Florence) for wonderful panoramic views of Florience and a delectable meal at the world-famous Villa San Michele. Fiesole is originally an Etruscan settlement predating the establishment of Florence by the Romans. It's high vanatge point made it difficult to capture, but it finally became a Roman settlement that sustained a continuous rivalry with Florence. During the Renaissance, Fiesole was home to wealthy Florentines expelled from the city by the Medicis who believed anyone with money threatened their power. Thus, Fiesole is dotted with gorgeous villas like Villa San Michele, rumored to have been designed by Michelangelo.First, we took a walk around Fiesole and stopped for some pictures at variouslookout points. Then we headed to Villa San Michele. Since (we are probably the only guests that took the bus to have dinner at this decadent restaurant) but it let us walk up the long driveway and admire the perfectly manicured gardens along the way.

The Villa has a loggia overlooking Florence, on which they serev dinner. We had a wonderfully creative Italian meal. While we waited for the first course to be served, we went out to the terrace and took these beautiful pictures. The variety and colors of the flowers were the most impressive we saw in Tuscany.

Casandra's risotto with astice had more lobster than we could believe. The creamy garlic sauce it was soaked in was so amazingly tasty.

April's risotto with artichokes was also incredibly creamy and we were impressed how it was scooped out of a copper pot right at the table so it was piping hot and ooooozing cheese when it was put on her plate.
April might finally be a little embarassed at Kenny's self-photos. Especially since he takes a picture everytime a new course arrives. The waiter finally offered to take a group photo of us with our scrumptuous main courses.

Kenny's main course of lamb tenderloin cooked to medium-rare perfection and garlicky broccoli was also a winner. Kenny really enjoyed taking pictures of the girls in the incredibly elegant lobby, we couldn't get over how simply and beautifully the Villa is decorated. The Villa is not only a historical landmark but also a 5-star hotel owned by the Orient Express.

After that meal, we needed a taxi to carry us back to Florence.

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