Wednesday, August 08, 2007

July 2007 - Olbia, Sardinia - Saying Good-bye

We ended our three week tour of Sardinia in Olbia where we needed to catch a ferry back to mainland Italy. Olbia is a developed port city which sprouted as a result of the need to ferry people in and out of the Costa Smeralda.
We arrived in Olbia in time to see the glorious pink sunset over the marina.
We pulled away from Olbia on our ferry boat which resembled a small cruise ship with wonderful amenities and our own cabin.
The views of the Costa Smeralda were magnificent as was the dark turquoise of the deep waters that run between Sardinia and the Italian mainland.
There is a large yacht with the Costa Smeralda in the distance. It is probably making the trip back to mainland Italy just like us, but with a little more style.

Behind Kenny is the island of Tavolara - a mountain of limestone protruding from the sea as high as 1,600 ft.
The eastern side of the island is a military zone but the island also has a small harbor and some beaches. Most importantly, together with the small islands surrounding it, Tavolara serves as a marine reserve and home to over 150 moufflons (ancient inhabitant of Sardinia that looks like a ram with a thick coat and curving horns).
The sloped shape of Tavolara is very distinct as are the sea lilies that grow out of the island's caves and crevices. The green covering visible in this picture is juniper, helichrysum, rosemary and lenticus. We took one last look at Sardinia knowing we would not find this kind of unspoiled natural beauty anywhere else on this trip.

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