Wednesday, August 08, 2007

June 2007 - Costa Smeralda, Sardinia - Italian Jet Set

We started our drive to the Costa Smeralda with a stop at the headland, Capo d' Orso. This rock promontory has been windblown into the shape of a bear said to guard the North coast of Sardinia.
There is Kenny after he managed to climb under the enormous bear-like rock. Perhaps the most well-known development in Sardinia, the Costa Smeralda encompasses the northeast corner of the island. This resort town was founded by a group of financiers led by Prince Karim Aga Khan IV in 1962. Over the past 45 years, this corner of Sardinia has been covered in villas, hotels and marinas meant for the European jet set. The prices here indicate that this is a billionaires' playground. As a result, these beautiful developments made of all natural and locally found materials, hug the hills and the cliffs looking down into amazingly clear, bright green waters.

We arrived at Porto Cervo, the capital of the Costa Smeralda, and headed for the beach, Spiaggia di Principe, famous for its aqua-colored water and small, rolling rock promontories. We arrived after a short hike over a cliff covered in the protected maquis vegetation.
Look at the yacht!! When one of these goes by every 5 minutes, you know you're in Porto Cervo.
The sailboats were equally large and amazing. This area is known for high winds and great sailing. With the start of the America's Cup shortly after we arrived in Porto Cervo, everyone was all about sailing.

The beach scene is similar to Miami Beach . . .
crowded with nice-looking people . . .and men sporting brightly-colored bikinis.
We left the Spiaggia di Principe tanned and relaxed, and . . .
we sat back to watch the sunset from the top of the cliff.

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