Sunday, June 13, 2010

August 2007 - Bus Ride to Cortina d'Ampezzo

After just over a week in the Alpi di Suisi, we took a bus east to Cortina d'Ampezzo in the heart of the Dolomites.

The ride there was nothing short of breathtaking.

The Dolomites are the limestone mountain range that runs across the northeast corner of Italy, just south of the Alps. They're so sharp and dramatic looking because of their relative youth in mountain years.

We stopped here for a bathroom and beverage break and . . .

were immediately greeted by this friendly herd of goats.

This little guy was particularly outgoing.

and seemed to think my camera case looked tasty.

This bearded guy came over to reprimand the little one.

A few pictures later and . . .

we were back on the road.

The peaks . . .
and canyons . . .

were among the most dramatic we've seen anywhere.

I had to jump from side to side of the bus to capture the ever-changing mountainscapes.

Our second stop.

in another little village surrounded by mountains.

And we're back on the road.


It makes you want to yodel, doesn't it?
We just passed through this quaint little town.

and this one too.

and into a tunnel.

Final reststop.

The white specs covering the field in the foreground is a flock of sheep.

We're just over the ridge from Cortina.

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