Sunday, June 06, 2010

July 2007 - Lago di Como - The Picturesque Towns of Varenna & Bellagio

Lake Como is shaped like an inverted "Y" with two skinny legs to the south and one to the north.

We stayed in the amazingly picturesque and quaint town of Varenna along the eastern shore of the Lake, not far from its center where the upper leg meets the two southern legs.

Approaching Varenna by boat.

Us sailing away from Varenna.

Bellagio, considered the "pearl of Lake Como", is the busiest of the tourist-oriented towns on Lake Como and is certainly one of the most beautiful. It is situated on a promontory at the tip of the peninsula that separates the Lake's two southern legs, where they meet the northern leg at the center of the Lake, a strategically important position since Roman times.

The Alps are visible across the lake to the North.

Looking down one of the narrow walking paths leading down to the harbor.

We walked from the center of town along the lakeshore to Villa Melzi D'Eril situated directly on the Lake.

Napoleon spent time here and, at one time, it was owned by a member of the Rockefeller family. The main purpose of visiting the villa is to see the views of the lake and the town of Bellagio in the background.

Bellagio was our favorite spot to gaze out at the lake and it's also the best spot for an afternoon glass of prosecco. We are so relieved to be in a locale where there is nothing to do.

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