Sunday, July 29, 2007

June 2007 - Tharros, Sardinia - Phoenician Ruins

The city of Tharros was founded by the Phoenicians in around 730 B.C. on a narrow peninsula callled Capo San Marco.By the 6th century B.C. Tharros had become a flourishing port whose prosperity continued under the Romans after their takeover in 238 B.C.
Excavations have uncovered the remains of Roman and Punic cities and with baths, houses and temples.
These two Corinthian columns (not the originals) have become the symbol of Tharros.
With sea on both sides, this ancient site is one of the most magnificent we have seen.
The white sandy beach at Capo San Marco also contains the ruins of a Spanish tower erected in the Middle Ages during Spanish rule of the west coast of Sardinia. Here is the magnificent view from the base of the watch tower.
Here are the remains of the tower overlooking the beach.

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